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What is Travel Plan by Inman™

Repatriation Services Since 1978

Inman Shipping Worldwide is America’s largest provider of repatriation services of the deceased. For over 45 years, Inman has been providing repatriation services from anywhere in the world to their final resting place.

This plan will take care of all the travel details involved, should a death take place more than 75 miles from your legal residence.

Bringing a loved one home can be expensive and The Travel Plan by Inman™ is a way to ensure that your family will be shielded from any unexpected death care expenses during your travels.

One phone call to Travel Plan by Inman™ is all it takes, and our experienced representatives will take care of all the details.

Travel Plan by Inman

Membership Benefits Include:

One phone call to Travel Plan by Inman™ at 1-888-889-8508 will take care of:

Contacting a licensed funeral home or professional embalming service center near the place of death

Transporting the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or service center for preparation

Preparation of the deceased for transport back home including embalming or cremation at the place of death.

Securing all documentation for shipping including one death certificate

Placing the deceased in appropriate shipping container

Arranging for transportation to their local funeral home

Are there any conditions with this Plan?

2 important notes for the Travel Plan:

1) It is very important that Travel Plan by Inman™ is called first before making any arrangements. This ensures that the complete and legal process for transporting human remains is followed.

2) The Travel Plan by Inman™ does not cover medical tourism.

How to purchase a Plan

Contact us at (919) 576-6103 or by email at

Choose A Travel Plan

One Fee Provides Lifetime Coverage

Service Center provides assistance 24/7/365.

The plan covers the complete cost of transportation services – saving you costs that may range from $1,500 to over $15,000.

Any age accepted.

Repatriation Services

Complete Peace of Mind

We are anywhere and everywhere you need us to be! We are the industry experts in bringing your loved on home.

Travel Plan by Inman